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Anita got a burning sensation in her mouth after eating a bite of the spicy salsa. An example of sensation is the smell of an apple pie scented candle.

An example of sensation is a bright and colorful circus performance. Sentences Sentence examples. Compensation Plan. Essential Rewards. Bridge to Gold. Opportunity Products. About Young Living.

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Starring: Amina Fara , Jake Adams. Starring: Jax Slayher , Lacy Lennon. At the park, the dogwood blooms emit airborne chemical substances which eventually enter your nose and end up being interpreted by your brain as smell.

Sensation is the process of gathering environmental information and transmitting that information to the brain. Five sensory systems exist which allow us to collect environmental information. The visual , hearing , taste , smell and touch sensory systems all possess specialized receptor cells which enable them to detect unique environmental stimuli. Sensation is the first part of experiencing our environments. It's in the brain where we truly see, hear, smell, taste and touch. To unlock this lesson you must be a Study.

Create your account. We do not usually spend much time thinking about or noticing our sensory systems, we simply take them for granted. For this activity, you need to find an interesting place in which to spend 25 minutes.

It could be outside in a park, at a coffee house, or any place you feel that there is sensory input that is interesting to you. Go to that location and focus on one of the five senses for each five-minute segment of the 25 minutes you spend there.

Write down all of the sensations you experience. For example, for the first five minutes, you can focus on smell. Really tune into your olfactory system and write down every experience of smell you have. For the next five minutes, write down all of the sounds you hear.

Continue to do this with each of your five senses. When you have completed this minute exercise, write a paragraph about your experience, focusing on any aspect of it that may have surprised you. It is easy to take our five senses for granted if we have never experienced life without them. For this activity, you need to choose one sense and spend time without that sense for at least an hour, depending on the sense you choose.

For example, you could choose vision, and wear a blindfold for an hour. You could choose hearing and wear noise-cancelling headphones for a few hours. You could choose your sense of smell and wear a nose plug all day.

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  1. Sensation is the process of gathering environmental information and transmitting that information to the brain. Five sensory systems exist which allow us to collect environmental information.
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  4. sensation [sen-sa´shun] an impression produced by impulses conveyed by an afferent nerve to the sensorium. girdle sensation zonesthesia. gnostic s's sensations perceived by the more recently developed senses, such as those of light touch and the epicritic sensibility to muscle, joint, and tendon vibrations. primary sensation that resulting immediately.
  5. sensation noun (FEELING) a feeling in your body resulting from something that happens or is done to it, or the ability to feel as the result of touch: [ C ] He felt a sinking sensation in the pit of his stomach. sensation .
  6. Sensation definition is - a mental process (such as seeing, hearing, or smelling) resulting from the immediate external stimulation of a sense organ often as distinguished from a conscious awareness of the sensory process. How to use sensation in a sentence.
  7. 1. 2. (Physiology) a physical condition or experience resulting from the stimulation of one of the sense organs: a sensation of warmth. 3.

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