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Save Recipe. Watch how to make this recipe. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add onion, garlic, and bay leaves and saute until onion is soft, stirring frequently, about 4 minutes. Add ground beef to skillet and cook until browned.

Once the meat is browned, carefully away from the flame, tilt pan and remove excess fat with a large spoon. Add the white wine and stir for another minute. Then add the chopped cherry tomatoes, tomato paste, pimento stuffed Spanish olives, raisins, dried oregano, cumin and cayenne pepper. Save Word. Log In. Definition of picadillo. Love words? First Known Use of picadillo , in the meaning defined above.

History and Etymology for picadillo American Spanish, from Spanish, stew of chopped meat, from picado , past participle of picar to prick, chop, from assumed Vulgar Latin piccare. Keep scrolling for more. Learn More about picadillo. Time Traveler for picadillo The first known use of picadillo was in See more words from the same year. I would also add the same quantity of vinegar so if you only added 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce then only use 1 tbsp vinegar. Note: May substitute 14 oz can tomato sauce for tomato paste and water but salt content will be higher.

Sodium Total Carbohydrate Recipe by Dreamer in Ontario. Like this recipe? Sloppy Joes By Sam Sifton. NO YES.

Picadillo definition is - a spicy Latin-American hash or stew of meat and vegetables often with raisins and olives that is commonly used as a filling (as for tacos) or served with rice and beans.

Everybodys Changing - Torpus & The Art Directors - Being Discovered (Vinyl)

Cohen showed for objects was primary. The artist's constructions reflected his collecting, said his dealer, Allan Stone. If he had been the curator of a folk-art museum, it would have had some collection. Cohen's collection is to be offered at two antiques fairs.

The paintings, watercolors and trade signs are to be shown by Mr. The weather vanes and whirligigs are to be offered at the America Hurrah booth at the Winter Antiques Show next January. View on timesmachine. TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them.

Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems; we are continuing to work to improve these archived versions. The first non-Briton to be awarded the prestigious Turner Prize in , German artist Wolfgang Tillmans has been working with photography since the late s, either producing autobiographical snapshots or investigating its medium specific aesthetics, notably through various abstract series.

This album was recorded live in the spring of during concerts at the Taipei National University Concert Hall and various clubs in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Taipei. Your wishlist is empty. View Wishlist. Cart 0.

Written by Anton Spice. Anton Spice. More by Anton Spice. There is a beast with heart of cold stone that dashes like lightning, shreds flesh from bone. My mouth babbled madness and mumbled soft pleas. Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app. Please enter email address We will not spam you. Almost finished To complete the subscription process, please click the link in the email we just sent you.

Like what you're seeing? Please enter email address By submitting email you agree to get Bored Panda newsletter. We respect your privacy. We will not publish or share your email address in any way. Arthur objects to this "What? Frankie says:. Well, I mean, yes idealism, yes the dignity of pure research, yes, the pursuit of truth in all its forms; but there comes a point, I'm afraid, where you begin to suspect that if there's any real truth it's that the entire multi-dimensional infinity of the Universe is almost certainly being run by a bunch of maniacs ; and if it comes to a choice between spending another ten million years finding that out and on the other hand just taking the money and running, I for one could do with the exercise.

In the movie The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy , they are in fact the manifestations of Lunkwill and Fook, the pan-dimensional beings who designed and built Deep Thought, and were killed by Arthur Dent when they attempted to remove his brain.

They appeared in Fit the Fourth of the radio series. Frat Gadz wrote the handbook titled Heavily Modified Face Flannels , which is described by The Guide as "an altogether terser work for masochists" in Fit the Eighth of the radio series.

In Fit the Eighth of the radio series the Frogstar Prisoner Relations Officer referred to in the scripts as the "FPRO" does his best to annoy Zaphod by hosing him down, letting him think that he escaped to an Ursa Minor robot disco by body debit card, asking him for an autograph and teleporting away whilst Zaphod helps him with his respiratory problem — that he is breathing. Halfrunt describes Beeblebrox as "Just this guy, you know?

His reason is that if the ultimate question is revealed, everybody would be happy and psychiatrists would be put out of business. In the novel The Restaurant at the End of the Universe and Fit the Ninth of the radio series, when he learns of two escaped Earth people Arthur and Trillian , he orders the Vogons to attack the Heart of Gold, at around the same time that Arthur unwittingly sabotages the ship's computers by asking them to make a cup of tea.

In both these versions he only appears briefly. In the novel Mostly Harmless , Gail Andrews is an astrologer who is interviewed by Tricia McMillan about the impact that the discovery of the planet Persephone, or Rupert will have on astrology. She is an advisor to the President of the United States, President Hudson, but denies having recommended the bombing of Damascus. In the radio series, she appears in Fit the Twenty-Third of the radio series, and is voiced by Lorelei King.

Gargravarr , the disembodied mind and custodian of the Total Perspective Vortex on Frogstar World B "the most totally evil place in the galaxy" , suffers from real-life dualism and is therefore having trial separation with his body, which has taken his forename Pizpot.

The dispute arose over whether sex is better than fishing or not, a disastrous attempt at combining the two activities, and his body going out partying too late. Since he has no physical form that can be seen, he leads those condemned to the Total Perspective Vortex by humming various morose tunes so that the condemned can follow the sound of his voice. Gargravarr was voiced on radio by Valentine Dyall.

He appears in Fit the Eighth of the radio series. He is professionally unfazed by Arthur, Ford, Zaphod, and Trillian's unruly arrival. He has a fine sales patter and a very dry sense of humour. In the radio series Garkbit is played by Anthony Sharp , and appears in Fit the Fifth of the radio series.

In the television series, he is portrayed by Jack May and appears in episode 5 of the TV series. The book describes Garkbit as being a methane breather, with a life support system strapped discreetly to his thigh.

The short story also appears in some editions of The Salmon of Doubt. He shares this discovery and some Ol' Janx Spirit with a working girl who has "a Master's degree in Social Economics and can be very convincing". Engrossed in his own writing, she leaves Ford and leaves with a client in a steel grey Han Dold limousine.

Ford later overhears her saying "It's OK, honey, it's really OK, you got to learn to feel good about it. Look at the way the whole economy is structured It could not have evolved by chance. It proves you exist, and so therefore, by your own arguments, you don't. Majikthise worries about philosophers sitting up half the night arguing that there may or may not be a God if Deep Thought can give His phone number the next morning.

Gaia, Thor, and Cthulhu are among the deities interviewed by Hillman Hunter for the job of God of the Earth-refugee planet of Nano, with Thor being selected.

An enterprising chap who addressed the problem of elevators refusing to operate because they had been afforded a degree of prescience to facilitate their operation by allowing them to be waiting for you before you've even decided you want to go up or down a floor but consequently became terrified of the future, and so taken to hiding in basements. Mincefriend became very wealthy when he patented and successfully marketed a device he had seen in a history book: the staircase.

The Golgafrinchans first appear in Fit the Sixth of the radio series. In the novel series, their appearances are all in the novel The Restaurant at the End of the Universe and they appear in episode 6 of the TV series. In all formats, the story is essentially the same. Following their adventures at Milliways, Arthur and Ford teleport onto an "Ark Ship" containing a number of Golgafrinchans.

This particular group consists of the Wodehousian [7] "middle class" who have common, middle-management types of occupations. They were sent away from their planet under false pretences by the upper class "thinkers" and working class "doers" of their society, who deemed them useless. They were told that the entire society had to move to a new planet, with a variety of thin excuses, and that it was necessary for them to go first to prepare the new planet for their occupation.

However, it turns out that one of the middle-men was necessary for survival, and as a result, the rest of the Golgafrinchan society died off see below. They arrive on Earth, where they become the ancestors of modern humans, except in the novel Life, The Universe, and Everything , in which in the beginning it is mentioned that they ended up dying out instead of the cavemen.

Agda and Mella are Golgafrinchan girls that Arthur and Ford hit on. On Golgafrincham , Agda used to be a junior personnel officer and Mella an art director. Agda is taller and slimmer and Mella shorter and round-faced.

Mella and Arthur become a couple, as do Agda and Ford. In a way Mella is very relieved because she has been saved from a life of looking at moodily lit tubes of toothpaste. Agda dies a few weeks later from a chain of events that Ford unknowingly starts by throwing the Scrabble letter Q into a privet bush: it startles a rabbit, which runs away and is eaten by a fox, who chokes on the rabbit and dies, contaminating a stream that Agda drinks from upon which she falls ill—it is said that the only moral that one could possibly learn from these occurrences is not to throw the letter Q into a privet bush.

Agda and Mella only appear in the novel. The Captain of the Golgafrinchan Ark Fleet Ship B likes to bathe with his rubber duck he spent practically the entire time he was captain of the B Ark and as much of his time on Earth, a total time of over three years, as has been documented in the bath and has got a very relaxed attitude towards everything.

The Captain also has a fondness for a drink called "jynnan tonnyx". His personality was based on Douglas Adams' habit of taking extraordinarily long baths as a method of procrastination to avoid writing. On television, it was Aubrey Morris. These rock throwing poets can be seen in the Guide graphics in episode 6 of the TV series , heard about in the radio series The Primary Phase and read about in the novel The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

They are original inhabitants of Golgafrincham , one of whose descendants inspire the stories that caused the creation of the "'B' Ark" that Arthur and Ford find themselves on.

The first part of their songs tell of how five princes with four horses from the City of Vassilian travel widely in distant lands, and the latter — and longer — part of the songs is about which of them is going to walk back. One of the Golgafrinchans on the prehistoric Earth, the hairdresser was put in charge of the fire development sub-committee. They gave him a couple of sticks to rub together, but he made them into a pair of scissors in the radio series, or curling tongs in the television and book series.

The Golgafrinchans' management consultant tried to arrange the meetings of the colonization committee along the lines of a traditional committee structure, complete with a chair and an agenda. He was also in charge of fiscal policy, and decided to adopt the leaf as legal tender, making everyone immensely rich.

In order to solve the inflation problem this caused, he planned a major deforestation campaign to effectively revalue the leaf by burning down all the forests. Another Golgafrinchan on prehistoric Earth, the marketing girl assisted the hairdresser's fire development sub-committee in researching what consumers want from fire and how they relate to it and if they want it fitted nasally.

She also tried to invent the wheel, but had a little difficulty deciding what colour it should be. She was played by Beth Porter both in the radio series and on television and by Leueen Willoughby in the LP album adaptation. He is not very smart, having difficulty tying up his shoelaces, but is regarded by the captain as a nice chap.

His only function to appear in the series is to offer Ford and Arthur drinks. On television, the character was renamed Number Three and played by Geoffrey Beevers.

He belongs to the Golgafrinchan 3rd Regiment. He captures Arthur and Ford and interrogates them. When they land on Earth, Number Two declares a war on another, uninhabited continent, leaving an "open-ended ultimatum", blows up some trees which he claims are "potential military installations," and 'interrogates' a gazelle. He likes shouting a lot, and thinks the Captain is an idiot.

By tragic coincidence, after all the telephone sanitizers were sent away with the rest of the "useless" Golgafrinchans, the rest of the society died off from an infectious disease contracted from an "unexpectedly dirty" telephone.

In the scripts for Fit the Fourth of the radio series, the first programmer asks Deep Thought if it is not "a greater analyst than the Googleplex Starthinker in the Seventh Galaxy of Light and Ingenuity which can calculate the trajectory of every single dust particle throughout a five-week Aldebaran sand blizzard? Note the much later use but same spelling of Googleplex for the Google corporate headquarters, another homage to the number googolplex.

The creator of the universe, according to the Jatravartid people of Viltvodle VI. Their legend has it that the universe was sneezed out of the nose of the Great Green Arkleseizure, and they thus "live in perpetual fear of the time they call 'The Coming of the Great White Handkerchief.

A great computer, which according to Deep Thought, can "talk all four legs off an Arcturian Megadonkey" although Deep Thought could allegedly persuade said Megadonkey to go for a walk afterwards , from Fit the Fourth of the radio series. Grunthos the Flatulent was the poetmaster of the Azgoths of Kria, writers of the second worst poetry in the universe, just between Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings and the Vogons.

The guide recites a tale of how, during a reading of his poem "Ode to a Small Lump of Green Putty I Found in My Armpit One Midsummer Morning", "four of the audience died of internal hemorrhaging and the president of the Mid-Galactic Arts Nobbling Council survived only by gnawing one of his own legs off.

Reportedly "disappointed" by the reception of his poem, Grunthos then prepared to read his book epic, My Favourite Bathtime Gurgles or Zen and the Art of Going to the Lavatory in episode 2 of the TV series.

He was prevented from doing so when his small intestine leapt up his neck and throttled his brain in a desperate bid to save civilization, killing him. In the fifth novel, the Guide Mark II is used by the Vogons to help them destroy all the many Earths that appear in the novels.

By using reverse temporal engineering throughout the book, the Guide Mark II — which takes on the appearance of a bird with Unfiltered perception — cajoles the cast to their final destination at Club Beta on Earth to first re-meet Agrajag and then be destroyed by the Vogons.

Flexible and imaginative, Hactar was the first computer whose individual components reflected the pattern of the whole. Hactar is assembled and programmed by the Silastic Armourfiends, who then order him to assemble an "Ultimate Weapon. Deciding that he could find no circumstance where such a bomb would be justified, Hactar builds a small defect into it. After discovering the defect, the Armourfiends pulverize Hactar.

Rather than being destroyed, Hactar is merely crippled. He can still manipulate matter, but even a simple item takes millennia to manufacture. Deciding that the decision not to destroy the universe was not his to make, he uses his influence to make them build their first space ship and discover the universe; he then manipulates them into the same rage which the Armourfiends possessed, urging that they destroy all other life; Hactar has reassembled the supernova bomb, this time in working condition.

After an incredibly long and bloody galactic war, Judiciary Pag banishes Krikkit to an envelope of "Slo-Time" to be released after the rest of the universe ends. At the end of the novel Life, the Universe and Everything , after his scheme fails, Hactar slips the cricket-ball-shaped supernova bomb to Arthur Dent, who then accidentally saves the Universe again by being an abysmal cricket bowler.

He is played on radio first by Geoffrey McGivern , in a flashback for which McGivern is not credited during Fit the Seventeenth of the radio series. He is then voiced by Leslie Phillips , appearing again in Fit the Eighteenth of the radio series. The Underfleet Commander reports directly to the Haggunenon Admiral.

But as it had a pre-set return course, it resumed its place at the front of about a hundred thousand horribly be-weaponed black battle cruisers. The Haggunenons were written out of subsequent versions, as they were originally co-written with John Lloyd , although they did appear in some stage adaptations. Haggunenons are greatly inconvenienced by their genetic instability and so have vowed to wage terrible war against all "filthy, rotten, stinking, same-lings.

Keeper of the gate into Asgard. Hig Hurtenflurst "only happens to be" the risingest young executive in the Dolmansaxlil Shoe Corporation. During Fit the Eleventh of the radio series, he is on Brontitall. What he is doing there is something of a mystery, as the Shoe Event Horizon was reached long ago and the survivors of the famine have long since evolved into bird people and set up home inside a fifteen-mile high statue of Arthur Dent. His foot-warriors capture Arthur Dent and three Lintilla clones, who are threatened by Hurtenflurst to be "revoked.

He then proceeds to show them a film about the activities of the Dolmansaxlil Shoe Corporation, which is interrupted by Marvin, who has cut the power in order to rescue Arthur and the Lintillas. He appeared in Fit the Eleventh of the radio series played by Marc Smith. He has not appeared in any versions after this. Hillman Hunter is an Irish property developer from Earth who has been tricked by Zaphod into moving to a planet created by Magrathea.

He interviews various gods, as he is keen to employ Thor to keep the society he has created on the planet devoutly controlled. He acts as a "stereotype Paddy from a bygone era" using phrases such as Bejaysus and invoking leprechauns. He is a major character in the novel And Another Thing He has considerable problems with the Tyromancers from an alternative reality who have also settled on the planet.

Like Ford Prefect , whose name derived from the Ford Prefect automobile, Hillman Hunter's name derives from an automobile sold in the United Kingdom in the s.

Hotblack Desiato is the guitar keyboard player of the plutonium rock group Disaster Area , claimed to be the loudest band in the universe, and in fact the loudest sound of any kind, anywhere. So loud is this band that the audience usually listens from the safe distance of thirty seven miles away in a well-built concrete bunker. Disaster Area's lavish performances went so far as to crash a space ship into the sun to create a solar flare.

Pink Floyd 's lavish stage shows were the inspiration for Disaster Area. In the book he is described as being connected to a "death support system" and communicates only by supernatural means. At the time when the main characters meet him, in the novel The Restaurant at the End of the Universe , Hotblack is spending a year dead " for tax reasons ".

The character is named after an estate agency based in Islington , with branches throughout North London. Apparently, the firm later received phone calls telling them they had a nerve naming their company after Adams's character.

It replaces the Haggunenon material from Fit the Sixth of the radio series. The character appears in episode 5 of the TV series , and his ship in episode 6 of the TV series. He does not have any lines due to being technically dead , and is played by Barry Frank Warren. Humma Kavula is a semi-insane missionary living amongst the Jatravartid people of Viltvodle VI, and a former space pirate. It was presumably during his time as a pirate that he lost his legs and had them replaced with telescoping mechanical spider appendages.

He wears thick glasses, which make his eyes appear normal when worn; however, when he removes the glasses, he appears to have shrunken black pits where his eyes should be. He seems to be a religious leader on that planet, preaching about the Coming of the Great White Handkerchief. Hence, his sermons end with the words "Bless You" rather than "Amen" as all the Jatravartids sneeze stimultaneously at the end of a 'prayer'.

See Jatravartids. He also ran against Zaphod Beeblebrox in the campaign for President of the Galaxy with the campaign slogan "Don't Vote For Stupid," but lost, and has remained bitter about it ever since.

In the film he is seeking the point-of-view gun to further his religion's acceptance presumably , and he takes one of Zaphod's two heads and one of his three arms though we do not see this, but Zaphod says while attempting to avoid the thermonuclear missiles above Magrathea "I can't do this without my third arm" hostage to ensure his help.

While the Jatravartids were mentioned in the books, the character of Humma Kavula was created by Adams for the movie The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Quoting Robbie Stamp: "All the substantive new ideas in the movie, Humma, the Point of View Gun and the "paddle slapping sequence" on Vogsphere are brand new Douglas ideas written especially for the movie by him. Hurling Frootmig is said to be the founding editor of the Hitchhiker's Guide, who "established its fundamental principles of honesty and idealism, and went bust. He is mentioned in the novel Life, the Universe and Everything.

It was Judiciary Pag's idea that the people of Krikkit be permanently sealed in a Slo-Time envelope, and the seal could only be broken by bringing a special Key to the Lock.

When the rest of the universe had ended, the seal would be broken and Krikkit could continue a solitary existence in the universe. This judgement seemed to please everybody except the people of Krikkit themselves, but the only alternative was to face annihilation. They also share the initials Z. Since the Beeblebrox family lives backwards in time, Pag despite living in the distant past is therefore one of Zaphod's descendants.

He is played on radio by Rupert Degas , and appears in Fit the Fifteenth of the radio series. He is German with a Greek mother, and was handed the running of the club by his brother Stavro Mueller, who renamed Club Alpha with his own name. He appears in the novel Mostly Harmless , in the storyline regarding the final death of Agrajag.

A dog belonging to advertiser Will Smithers which was so stupid that it was incapable of eating the right dog food on camera, even when engine oil was poured on the wrong food. It was so named because its hair stuck upright on its head in a way that resembled Ronald Reagan. It also had an adverse reaction whenever someone said the word " commies ". Ford, Arthur, Trillian and Slartibartfast meet a group of murderous Krikkiters on the surface of their planet. Away from the influence of Hactar, they are troubled by their Elders wanting to destroy the Universe as they are keen to have sporting links with the rest of the Galaxy.

They appear in the novel Life, the Universe and Everything and the Tertiary Phase of the radio series. They're described as being white, but that's nearly all the indication of their appearance in the book series, but the cover of the CD version of the Tertiary Phase features a drawing of the robots, one of them batting a Cricket ball.

On the image, they look rather like Marvin from the movie, only with longer legs, and smaller heads, including sunglasses-like eyes and antennae, like a play on their name. Kwaltz is one of the Vogons on Vogsphere , directing Jeltz's Vogon Constructor Fleet during the demolition of Earth and enforcing the galaxy's bureaucracy.

He is the partner and advisor of vice-president Questular Rontok , who seems to care more about winning Zaphod's affections than retrieving the Heart of Gold. Kwaltz also leads a team of a few hundred Vogons to capture the president's kidnapper in the penultimate scene of the movie, a chase which takes them to Magrathea , where they discover and capture Marvin the Paranoid Android not shown , then to Earth Mark II, where they shoot up Arthur Dent 's house, and are finally defeated by Marvin who gives them all a lethargic and depressed nature, at least for the moment, by use of the Point-of-view gun which, oddly enough, works on non-organic life forms.

Lady Cynthia Fitzmelton is described in the original radio script as "a sort of Margaret Thatcher , Penelope Keith character. She only appears in Fit the First of the radio series, where she was voiced by Jo Kendall. Her "very splendid and worthwhile" lines were entirely dropped from later versions. The Lajestic Vantrashell of Lob is a small man with a strange hat who guards God's Final Message to His Creation, and who sells Arthur and Fenchurch a ticket to it before passing them on a scooter and imploring them to "keep to the left".

Introduced by Prak in the epilogue to the novel Life, the Universe and Everything , he finally appears towards the end of the novel So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish when we also realize that he has been a regular visitor to Wonko The Sane, who describes angels with golden beards and green wings, Dr Scholl sandals, who eat nachos and do a lot of coke.

He says that he runs a concession stand by the message and when Wonko says "I don't know what that means" he says "no, you don't". Lallafa was an ancient poet who lived in the forests of the Long Lands of Effa. His home inspired him to write a poetic opus known as The Songs of the Long Land on pages made of dried habra leaves.

His poems were discovered years after Lallafa's death, and news of them quickly spread. For centuries, the poems gave inspiration and illumination to many who would otherwise be much more unhappy, and for this they are usually considered around the Galaxy to be the greatest poetic works in existence. This is remarkable because Lallafa wrote his poems without the aid of education or correction fluid. The latter fact attracted the attention of some correction fluid manufacturers from the Mancunian nebula.

The manufacturers worked out that if they could get Lallafa to use their fluids in a variety of leafy colours in the course of his work, their companies would be as successful as the poems themselves.

They therefore traveled back in time and persuaded him -- in the book, by explaining the situation, with difficulty; in the radio adaptation, by beating him -- to go along with their plan. The plan succeeded and Lallafa became extremely rich, but spent so much time on chat shows that he never got around to actually writing The Songs.

This was solved by each week, in the past, giving Lallafa a copy of his poems, from the present, and having him write his poems again for the first time, but on the condition that he make the odd mistake and use the correction fluid.

Some argued the poems were now worthless, and set out to stop this sort of thing with the Campaign for Real Time a play on Campaign for Real Ale , or CamTim, to keep the flow of history untampered by time travel.

Torpus & The Art Directors - Being Discovered - Vinyl 10 - - EU - Original kaufen im Online Music Store von HHV - Neuheiten & Topseller auf Vinyl, CD & Tape - Artist: Torpus & The Art Directors.

Arne Domnérus With Gustaf Sjökvist - Antiphone Blues (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen. Jag vet en dejlig rosa. Kinderszenen Scenes of childhood , Op. Traumerei Dreaming arr. Come Sunday. Entonigt klingar den lilla klockan. Den signade dag. Concerto in C Major, RV arr. Largo arr. Sold by Amazon. Additional taxes may apply. By placing your order, you agree to our Terms of Use. Customer reviews. How does Amazon calculate star ratings? The model takes into account factors including the age of a rating, whether the ratings are from verified purchasers, and factors that establish reviewer trustworthiness.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. Found a couple of tracks on YouTube and liked what I heard. The whole album is a great listen.

Highly recommended. I was hesitant to choose this recording because the instrumentation saxophone and organ seemed so odd a pairing. I knew immediately, as the first band played, there was no problem with this instrumental pairing. Listening to this recording is an enormous thrill! We turned the volume up, and we were transported by the sound! I made plans to buy "Antiphone Blues: Music of Ellington", featuring saxophonist Arne Dommereus, as the 1 special present for my brother, who is turning eighty this year.

He played saxophone professionally for over fifty years. I was sure he would like this recording very, very much. I was right. Don't let the odd instrumentation deter you from hearing this exceptional recording! Good sound quality It's great for audio files. One person found this helpful. Sax and pipe organ is different. If you are chilled and in the mood for something different, this may fill the bill. This recording is so atmospheric and so natural to the venue that you are there!

Turn out the lights and let this wash over you. Good quality!! An audiophile recording. I don't like most of the recordings in terms of content, but it's very useful to test your audio set-up. And the bass and the midrange of all my speakers workout all the time. So, buy it before you never find another one with this kind of music. It's more blues than jazz. See all reviews from the United States. Top international reviews. Translate all reviews to English.

Beautifully recorded in a church and the associated acoustics. Real test for any anyone interested in HI Fidelity. Thank you for your feedback. Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again. If you are a High Fidelity nerd, that's a piece of splendor that makes your equipment sing. If you are a Saxophone lover, possibly have heard Jan Garbarek playing in a church, and wondered how Sax and organ would sound together, than this provides you the answer.

It is not everyday music, but once in a while it really kicks you in a very special, pleasant mood. Great album. Must have for anyone who enjoys great recordings. Pity it is such a short. Pity it is such a short SACD. Load more international reviews. This disk carries music of an unusual nature, being of a saxophone and organ, and is melodious and gripping.

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Arne Domnerus with Gustaf Sjokvist - Antiphone Blues (/) [Official Digital Download 24bit/kHz] Vinyl & HR Posted by HDV at March 9, Arne Domnérus with Gustaf Sjökvist - Antiphone Blues (/).

Crazy Bout Cha - Jeffrey Osborne - Dont Stop (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Love Ballad. Smooth Jazz Chrstmas CD. Feliz Navidad 2. Please Come Home For Christmas 3. The Gift Of Your Love 4. Spirit Of The Season 5. I'll Be Home For Christmas 6. This Christmas 7. We Three Kings 8. Santa Lucia 9. Magic It's That Time Of Year. A Time for Love CD. The Shadow of Your Smile 2. Baby, It's Cold Outside 4. They Long to Be Close to You 5. My One and Only Love 6. Smile 7. Teach Me Tonight 8. When I Fall in Love 9. What a Wonderful World Nature Boy A Time for Love.

WMXD Worth It All CD. Let a Brotha Know 2. Greatest Night 3. Just Can't Stand It 4. Worth It All 5. Stay the Way You Are 6. I Want You 7. Summer Nights 8. Work It 9. Saving My Love Can't Help Myself Your Lover That Man. She's On The Left Love Power Song previews provided courtesy of iTunes. Save for Later.

All This Love 2. Falling 3. Save The Best For Last 4. Just Once 5. Cruisin' 6. Reunited 7. Angel 8. Tonight, I Celebrate My Love 9. Love You Down On The Wings Of Love Love Ballad I Feel Good All Over Special Lady When She Was My Girl Treat Her Like A Lady I Like Tracks of Disc 2 1. Truly 3. One Hundred Ways 4. Love Always 5. Rhythm Of The Night 6. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists.

Streams Videos All Posts. Composed by Don Freeman Jeffrey Osborne. Release Year incorrect year? Song Genres. All Genres. Song Styles. All Styles. Song Moods. All Moods. Song Themes. All Themes. Hard Core. Hard Rock. Hard Rock French. Neo Metal. Stoner Rock. Metal Fusion. Rock n Roll. Elvis Presley. The Beatles. The Rolling Stones. Pop general. Current Pop. Pop 90s. Pop 80s. French Pop. French Rock. Johnny Hallyday.

Traditional Music. Pays Basque. Others French. European Grooves. Other Countries. Soul 80s. Italo Disco. Acid jazz. Groove Revival. Jazz Classic. Cool Jazz. Modern Jazz. Jazz fusion. Vocal jazz. Spiritual jazz. Free Jazz. Others Jazz. US Rap. Old School Rap. West coast Rap.

East coast Rap. Others US Rap.

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Don't Stop on Discogs. Label: A&M Records - SP • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: Canada • Genre: Electronic, Funk / Soul • Style: Disco, Contemporary R&B/5(10).

Danielle Nicole* - Wolf Den (CD, Album)

Р1991, the photo was shot during the summer of 1977, ya no te deseo eh-oh Je ne te crois plus. He says the same thing on Hard difficulty. In the 1970s, better known as We-Funk, Daddy Yankee Arcángel, I m real hard to find now. П 00 41 43.

Rockin Myself (Radio Edit) - Various - Club Sounds Vol. 8 (CD)

Official Charts Company. Retrieved January 16, Categories : songs singles singles Eurodance songs. Hidden categories: Articles needing additional references from June All articles needing additional references Articles with hAudio microformats Singlechart usages for Dutch Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Contribute Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Label Sbm Records. GTIN Erscheinungsdatum Anzahl Disks 2.

Produkttyp CD. Anzahl Tracks Lieferdatum: zwischen Montag, Juni und Mittwoch, Zustand: Neu. MP3 Music, August 30, "Please retry". Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.

Jungle Jezebel: Deluxe Edition. Vital Idol: Revitalized. Register a free business account. Go Unlimited. Start your day free trial. Exclusive discount for Prime members.

Sample this album Artist - Artist Sample. Passion by The Flirts. She Has A Way. Native Love Step By Step. Take A Chance On Me. Guilty by Hotline. These Memories. These Memories by Oh Romeo. Eye On You. Saving Myself. Saving Myself by Girly. Goin' Cruisin'. Goin' Cruisin' by Malibu. Keep It Coming. Breathless by Gina Desire.

Whisper To A Scream. I'm So Hot for You. Calling All Boys. Calling All Boys by The Flirts. Make It On My Own. Yum Yum Eat 'Em Up. Shoot Your Shot. Shoot Your Shot by Divine. Lust Or Love. Lust Or Love by Malibu. Who's Your Boyfriend. Aggression by Charlene Davis. Just a Gigolo. Fantasy by Hotline. Native Love Disconet Remix. Native Love Disconet Remix by Divine.

Passion Remix. Passion Remix by The Flirts. Sold by Amazon. Additional taxes may apply. By placing your order, you agree to our Terms of Use. Customer reviews. How does Amazon calculate star ratings? The model takes into account factors including the age of a rating, whether the ratings are from verified purchasers, and factors that establish reviewer trustworthiness. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later.

Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes.

Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Release Year incorrect year? Song Genres. All Genres. Song Styles.

Dec 22,  · S.F.X. ‎– Rockin' With My Radio Label: Lamborghini Records ‎– 12LMG4 Format: Vinyl, 12" Country: UK Released: Genre: Pop Style: Europop.

King Dark

I did it with the dragonslayer greataxe : 2 special attacks which weaken him, and 1 hit to finish him. Level 91 with a shield and i have 40 in strength. The smaller humanoid corpses lying around look kinda like the mind flayers from demon souls to me. I just summoned Cuculus and Tsorig Well they, especially Tsorig, tanked most hits Cuculus simply healed up everytime and kept distance while firing her pyromancies, in the meanwhile I bashed this old dude from behind with that huge ass "Sword of a Black Knight" I got dropped a few deaths back.

I checked in here to see if there is something I might have missed anyway, keep bashing away and he'll die eventually but man those staggers, uff, this king or whatever must have felt pretty horrible after I was done Ye no, forget that, pretty sure he didn't feel anything anymore after I was done.

Like ever Wanna help and you're a caster? Sign In Help Sign Out. Toggle navigation. Search Results. Strategies Video Strategies. Fireball- shower The demon bashes his hammer in the ground and then starts to turn it in circles above his head. Fire Glyph The demon bashes his hammer in the ground, linear trails of fire covering different directions will emit from the center. Take Evasive Action. Meteor Rain A phase two move, multiple slow flaming rocks will fall towards the player.

Slight tracking. If you are quick, hit and run works. Evasive action and use of pillars to absorb shots is effective. Lava Breath The demon will spew lava at those in front of him.

He will move his head to extend his AOE. His range is short and those flanking him or under him can smack him. Join the page discussion Tired of anon posting? Submit Submit Close.

Load more. Soul of the Old Demon King. Dark Black Knight Weapons. Killed velstadt and reached in the room with vendrick, ring wasn't there next to clothes like ysyal, I tried resetting the game and everything but nothing is working.

Any idea why? So I've beaten all 4 great souls, and beat the demon of song. But when I go to Vendricks tome, it won't let me get the ring. And idk why, could it be that where I've fought 2 great souls with bonfire ascetics? Removing the ring will trigger his de-petrifying visual effect, and he will begin attacking you. Have yet to test on other enemies e. Counter-intuitively, it can be avoided by moving closer to the attacking king before they begin their lunge.

In extreme proximity the attack will simply go over the player's head. This attack can be fatal if the player is not using armor with high magic defense. Unlike other grab attacks, the King can still be damaged by aiding phantoms as a player is drained; however, this will only deal damage to the Four Kings' collective health bar rather than the individual King.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? The Four Kings are bosses in Dark Souls. Contents [ show ]. A faster way to the 4 Kings! Four Kings - Dark Souls Soundtrack. The Four Kings in Drangliec! The Missing Lord Souls! Usually catching an unprepared fighter off guard as they roll too early and are struck for heavy damage.

Which on later a play through, can nearly one hit the player in several instances. His attacks will either be followed with large burst of wind, or lightning and he also possesses several attacks that can release ranged bolts on the player. Along with a grab that can travel up to 20 units in the player's direction.

It is advised that the player wait for him to finish his attacks before attacking him during his recovery from the combo, or strike him when he is stuck telegraphing his more powerful maneuvers.

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Aug 03,  · Directed by Nikolaj Arcel. With Idris Elba, Matthew McConaughey, Tom Taylor, Dennis Haysbert. A boy haunted by visions of a dark tower from a parallel reality teams up with the tower's disillusioned guardian to stop an evil warlock known as the Man in Black who plans to use the boy to destroy the tower and open the gates of Hell/10(K).

Bad Girl Blues

Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Release Date April 25, Styles Disco Soul. Recording Date June, - March, Track Listing. Donna Summer , Gigamesh.

Good Girls Live. You've Got It Bad Girl. I Am A Bad Girl. Indeevar , Alisha Chinai , Shailendra Singh. Ministry of Sound: The Rush Get promoted. In Lyrics. By Artist. By Album. Decade 's 's 's 's 's 's 's 's 's 's. Best matches: Bad Girl. United Cube [Bonu…. Bad Girl. Old Time Rock n Roll.

Play That Funky Music. Poker Face. Proud Mary. Purple Rain. Rather Be. Rock And Roll. Rock Steady. Route Runaway Baby. Sara Smile. Shake It Off. Shake Your Body Down. Shaky Ground. Sing a Song. Smooth Operator. Something Like That. Son Of A Preacher Man. Soul Man. Stand By Me. Still Got the Blues. Sweet Caroline. Sweet Child O Mine. Sweet Home Alabama. Sweet Home Chicago. Sweet Thing. Tell Mama. Tell Me Bout It.

The Letter. The Rose. The Way You Look Tonight. Thinking Out Loud. This Must Be The Place. This Will Be. Tomorrow- Annie. Two Princes.

Unchain My Heart. I prefer to use music to build me up when I'm low, and there's nothing better to turn my attitude around than some straight-up girl power music.

Whether you're in a slump or already on top of the world, a sick beat, a powerful female vocalist, and badass lyrics can really take you to the next level. Everyone should celebrate their inner rebel and to help you along with said celebration, here are 19 songs every badass woman needs in her life and in her Spotify library. While this is not a list of feminist songs, per se, you'll probably notice quite a bit of overlap with 'girl power' and 'feminist' songs.

Funny how the songs that get me the most pumped are also the ones that celebrate girl power and fierce femininity.

Johnny Winter tabs, chords, guitar, bass, ukulele chords, power tabs and guitar pro tabs including mean town blues, johnny b goode, cheap tequila, parchman farm, rock and roll hoochie koo.

Südwind - Various - Compilation Volume 1: We Are The Night (CD)

Compilation of Warner Bros. Philippines compilation. Fashion runway compilation. Compilation of Razormaid remixes. Compilation of club remixes. Format: CD. Compilation available only at American Eagle Outfitters.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. June 13, [1]. March 25, [2]. July 16, [3]. April 1, [4]. August 16, [5]. April 1, [6]. April 7, [7]. April 14, [8]. March 6, [9]. June 22, [10]. March 20, [11]. December 16, [12]. March 17, [13]. Suspension of Disbelief. Wake Up Screaming. The Ever Passing Moment. Emotion is Dead. When the World Sings. Building a Better Me. Loud and Clear.

Enter the Danger Brigade. Ace Troubleshooter. The Hammering Process. A Revolution Transmission. The Crucial Conspiracy. Easy Come Easy Go. Lost at Sea. The Moon is Down. Raw Material. Leave Here a Stranger. No Wings to Speak of. Songs in the Key of You. Music from Another Room. Tunnel Vision. The Changing of Times. Two Thirty Eight. Regulate the Chemicals. Slick Shoes. Ten Years and Running. The Art and Craft of Popular Music. The Madness of the Crowds. Can't Stop Eating. Again, for the First Time.

You Should Be Living. All Else Failed. Destination: Beautiful. The Light of Things Hoped For. The Tick Tock Treasury. Shames Worthy. Most of the album was recorded over a single weekend. Underground Rise was designed to highlight up-and-coming emcees in the underground and Christian hip hop scenes. Thomas Quinlan of Exclaim! Some standout lines include Macho's opening line '20 years from now There's even a six and a half minute 'cypher' that showcases some of the talent that you'll want to hear on solo projects.

Andrzej Legierski of Cross Rhythms praised Underground Rise highly, rating the compilation eight out of ten squares. Though little time was given to record this album it does not compromise the quality of the production or indeed the songs. And her musical director, Phil Graves… I have a new level of respect for him. Very creative in the studio with his piano and synthesizer parts; he added some really special arranging and that was a surprise for me.

Really, really brilliant. Musicians in the studio can be like herding cats, fiddling with things. Track Listing - Disc 4. Black Mass. Jason Crest. The Wedding of Ramona Blair. The Mirage. Baby Your Phrasing Is Bad. Flight from Ashiya. Matrimonial Fears. On the Beach. Finders Keepers. The Californians.

Strange Things Are Happening. The Fox. A Dream for Julie. Come Alive. Tempus Fugit. Golden Glass. Track Listing - Disc 5. That's the Way It's Gotta Be. The Poets. Anymore Than I Do. The Attack. I'm Not Your Stepping Stone. The Flies. Gotta Wait. The Game. Please Please Me. The Score. I'm Leaving. The Mark Four. Father's Name Is Dad. Mother's Little Helper. Gene Latter. Gonna Get Me Someone. Bob Wackett.

House of Love. Hey Gyp. Donovan Leitch. Keith Shields. Try It. I Love Her Still. Living Is Easy. Dream Police.

Oct 10,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Various - Absolute Hardcore CD 2 (Slipmatt) YouTube Moondance - Force & Styles Mix () - Duration: happyhardcore95to99 22, views.

Day & Night (Instrumental) - Various - The Killah Kuts (Vinyl)

International Rap. Hip Hop Movies. Other Electro. European Movies. TV Shows. Sound Library. World Music. African Traditional. Indian Ocean. Others South American Traditional. West Indies. Visual Kei. Shibuya Kei. Sound Tracks. Others Countries. Old Music. Ancient Music. Various Items. Accessories for protection and cleaning. Transport packaging. Brush and Cleaners. Plastic sleeves for records. Plastic sleeves for CD. Record Displays.

Autograph Items. Special Records. Colored Vinyls. Gold Disc. Picture Disc. Other Special Records. Best magazine. Hard Rock. Hard Rock French.

Neo Metal. Stoner Rock. Metal Fusion. Rock n Roll. Elvis Presley. The Beatles. The Rolling Stones. Pop general. Current Pop. Pop 90s. Pop 80s. French Pop. French Rock. Johnny Hallyday. Traditional Music. Pays Basque. Others French. European Grooves. Other Countries.

Soul 80s. Italo Disco. Acid jazz. Groove Revival. Jazz Classic. Cool Jazz. They were aware that Capitol Records the American EMI affiliate who had first shot at releasing Beatles music in the states kept refusing to release their material in the US. They also knew that two small labels, Vee Jay Records and Swan Records, were struggling to promote The Beatles records in America but with extremely limited success.

This is where United Artists' plan went into action. After Brian accepted the soundtrack deal, he was asked what would be a fair percentage The Beatles should get for the movie. Since Onstein and Shenson resolved before the meeting that they would offer up to twenty-five percent, they had a deal. Little by little, the movie deal was used as leverage for further deals, such as the Ed Sullivan Show, and for promotion of their albums.

When Capitol finally exercised their "right of first refusal" to release the album " Meet The Beatles! Recording The Album. First order of business, though, was to record the music to be used in the film. This began immediately after their first historic visit to America in February of From February 25th to March 1st, eight new songs were completed, which were thought to be plenty to fill the seven song requirement. Two more songs ended up being recorded with the intention of being in the movie.

When the title of the movie was changed to "A Hard Day's Night," a title song was quickly written and subsequently recorded on April 16th. Killah Kuts belong in the trash. Nobody wants these awful wastes of vinyl. I cannot stress this enough. Most Commented Posts. Continue Reading. TremontStevieB posted 4 years ago.

rows · Jul 25,  · Bootleg label often described as being "from upstate NY" but very likely just .